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           Newsletter No. 44                                                    15 November 2019


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SACTWU welcomes signing of R-CTFL masterplan

The Southern African Clothing & Textile Workers’ Union (SACTWU) recently welcomed the signing of the retail, clothing, textile, footwear and leather (R-CTFL) masterplan, which aims to lay a firm basis for future growth and sustainability of the textile and apparel industry.

The masterplan was signed by major CTFL retailers, manufacturers, labour unions and the government at the 2nd Presidential Investment Conference in Sandton, Gauteng.

SACTWU is pleased with the commitments made by the government to help strengthen the inspections and compliance enforcement capacity of the South African Revenue Services (SARS) to stamp out illegal imports and under-invoicing, and by major retailers to procure more clothing, textile, footwear and leather goods locally (up to 65%).

It is also happy that CTFL manufacturers have committed to raise investment in modernising their production capacity.

The masterplan aims to create more than 70,000 new manufacturing jobs.  F2F

JRC-Reflex’s new white metal reflective fabric

Leader on the retro-reflective material market, the firm JRC-Reflex has launched a new reflective fabric, White Metal, a material capable of reflecting absorbed light that comes in a range of attractive two-tone variations.

With its new range of products with two-tone variations christened White Metal and Black Metal, JRC-Reflex is offering retro-reflective materials with the ability to vary the colour that they reflect when light hits them. The company has developed a new dyeing method allowing the technology embedded into the glass micro-beads to reflect a different colour when a light source is directed at it.

While the standard range pairs white or black with the pastel tones already presented last year, this year JRC-Reflex is offering the opportunity to customise the colour combination in line with what their clients would like. The White Metal range will thus have a metallic white appearance in its natural state but will be able to reflect a predefined colour when exposed to a light source. Available in stretch fabrics, these materials will be able to be easily integrated into the production of sports or technical clothing.

JRC-Reflex was founded in 1988 in Romans, France, and manufactures high-quality retro-reflective fabrics and trimmings. The company is market leader, frequently working with the top brands in the world, while regularly developing new innovations and applications, from seamless trims through lettering tapes to their exclusive stretch reflective components. Promostyl

Election of Dr Edem Zdzogenu as ACTIF’s new chairman. 

We are delighted to announce that Dr Edem Adzogenu has been elected as ACTIF’s chairman during the last board meeting held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on 28th October 2019. The term of office is three years from the date of election i.e. from 28th October 2019.

Edem Adzogenu takes over from Mr Jas Bedi whose term has come to an end but will continue serving at the board of ACTIF as an honorary board member.

Edem Adzogenu is the Chairman of the AfroChampions Initiative’s executive committee. He is an accomplished investment facilitator, government affairs and international crisis management specialist for global investors and businesses across Africa, USA, Europe And Asia.

Dr Adzogenu has been on at the forefront of ground-breaking initiatives to promote African multinationals and Intra-African investments. The AfroChampions Initiative, a public –private partnership, which was launched on the sidelines of the January 2017 African Union heads of states summit, to galvanize policy frameworks and innovative corporate alliances supporting the emergence and success of African private sector champions in the regional and global spheres.

He is also the architect of chairman of the Djondo fellowship, a Pan-African Initiative, set up to facilitate cross-border expansions for African companies and groom the next generation of African multinational leaders.

Edem Adzogenu also serves as Charmian of Campaign for Financial Independence in Africa (CampaignFIA) which is an initiative aiming to disrupt generational poetry and build a financially stronger Africa through saving and financial literacy for children all over Africa.

As a co-founder of the Pan–African Fashion Initiative (PAFI) in collaboration with AFDB, TDB, Afreximbank, Africa 50 and the African Union, Dr Edem Adzogenu has forged a network of champions from the cotton, textile to fashion value chains with the view to galvanizing policy and financing for creative industries and game – changing & mass job creating projects in Africa.

With his wealth of experience, influence and passion for Africa transformation, we believe that Dr Edem Adzogenu will take ACTIF and indeed Africa to the next level. On behalf of the board members of ACTIF and the secretariat; we are excited that he has accepted the responsibility endowed upon him and assure him of our relentless support during his tenure.

Did you know……..

1937 Fashion: What did people wear?

In 1937, the hourglass silhouette, with padded shoulders and small waist gave way to a more tubular, natural shape. Evening lengths remained long and in wool, jewels remained bulky and immense. Cartier clips of blackamoors’ heads are copied everywhere.

New fashion items include bulky blue fox and silk jersey. Veils on hats make a return. In makeup, Christian Berard introduces cyclamen rouge and deep blue lashes for blondes; and brown suntan rouge and pomegranate lips for brunettes.

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