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Burberry brands South African meadow with signature check pattern

British luxury brand Burberry used flowers and milk-based paints to create a pair of installations that mimic the brand’s signature check pattern when viewed from above. The temporary artworks are on display across a volcanic site in El Hierro in Canary Islands and in a meadow in the Western Cape, South Africa.

The project forms part of the Burberry Landscapes series, which sees larger-than-life earth works crafted by the brand in collaboration with its creative community. The series celebrates founder Thomas Burberry’s love for the great outdoors and pays homage to the tales of adventures that his family members have embarked on.

“Over 160 years ago, founder Thomas Burberry reimagined the possibilities of the great outdoors, equipping explorers to adventure through open spaces and embedding an affinity for the horizon in Burberry’s DNA,” the brand explained.

For the latest iteration, the series is meant to evoke stories of Burberry’s past to inform the present; the tales of adventurer Elsie Burberry – founder Thomas Burberry’s daughter-in-law – and aviator Betty Kirby-Green who embarked on journeys from Britain to the Canary Islands and South Africa respectively.

Both of these countries were revisited to create artwork inspired by the signature Burberry Check.

Western Cape, South Africa – Betty Kirby-Green

The Burberry Check meadow lay in South Africa’s Overberg region, Western Cape and near to where record-breaking co-pilots Betty Kirby-Green and flying officer Arthur Clouston landed The Burberry plane into Cape Town in 1937. The display was hand-planted by expert local green teams to match the colours of the Burberry Check.

The 104,000 plants used in the installation were grown from seed with water sourced from a rainfall catchment dam. To ensure the pasture meadow was returned to its original state, the plants were turned over to break down naturally and compost back into the earth, Burberry says.

The installation was created in the Happy Valley farm, Greyton, which is surrounded by the Riviersonderend conservation area, dominated by mountain fynbos, ericas and proteas. The many water streams travel down the mountain valleys lined with wild almond trees and conebush.

El Hierro, Canary Islands – Elsie Burberry

Inspired by adventurer Elsie Burberry’s voyages to the Canary Islands, the island of El Hierro’s volcanic ground acted as a natural canvas for the Burberry Check. Created using natural milk-based paint, Cuban-American contemporary artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada brought the Burberry Check colours to life.

“One of the things I enjoy about using this paint process is that it’s created from minerals. So, as you’re mixing your colours, it’s like alchemy. You don’t really know what amount works in one moment or another moment, because each type is going to come with a certain density and coverage and another comes with a different one. All of it unfolds before you, so you can enjoy mixing in the moment,” says Rodriguez-Gerada.

This vast natural illustration was washed away with manual turning, wind and local water sources to leave no lasting mark on the landscape. The full process was approved and monitored by El Hierro’s official Environmental Department, Burberry notes.

“Together, these landscapes embody Burberry’s belief that creativity opens spaces. A body of work that celebrates Burberry’s heritage and encourages people to step outside and rethink the possibility of the world around them,” the brand says.   Bizcommunity


Redefining a new czene

By Nokubonga Thusi

Czene.24 AW23 collection.

With his bold use of colour and uninhibited design aesthetic, the founder and designer of local brand Czene.24, Calvin Lunga Cebekhulu, is redefining street wear for a non-binary norm

How would you describe the Czene.24 aesthetic and for whom do you design?

Czene.24 is inspired by urban street style and tends to bring new, adaptable street-wear garments by promoting new trends in unisex clothing and a gender-free environment. I design for individuals who adapt to trends, who are fashion conscious and willing to express their fashion egos.

What was the inspiration for the Czene.24 AW23 collection?

The concept behind “Soil of the Suhn” is the adaptation of a growing niche market of gender-neutral, unisex clothing, which enables a non-binary norm. It includes crafting into hype-beast style and blends in grunge styling. The concept was also influenced by sustainable fabrics, canvas, bull denim, cotton, and different types of textures and colour schemes, including black, pink, navy-blue, and indigo, with a bit of incorporated prints and styles.

Czene.24 garments always have unique design elements, such as exposed stitching. What are some of your favourite fabrics or fabrication techniques?

Czene.24 mostly makes use of hard fabrics, for example canvas, upholstery fabrics, and denim, as well as shapes, prints, and colours. What are the top-five street-wear/sportswear items you think everyone should have as part of their wardrobe in 2023? Definitely logo tees, denim jackets, ribbed socks, sneakers, and hoodies.

What’s next for Czene.24 in 2023?

We are looking at expanding the brand’s image, working on new projects and campaigns, and showcasing our designs.  

Playboy Lands in SA! And just in time for the Year of the Rabbit.

Playboy apparel is finally available in SA thanks to an exclusive deal by local fashion retailers Side Step and Studio 88.

The famous Playboy bunny has been an image of intrigue for years. There is something about the brand that somehow represents class, fun and excitement all at the same time.

South African fans have long been excluded from sporting the brand on their chests, but no more!

Late in 2022 South African fashion retailer Studio 88 announced that they acquired the rights to the brand and right away the famous bunny started appearing at concerts and events around SA.

The Year of the Rabbit

2023 will be known as the year of the rabbit according to the Chinese zodiac and this presented an opportunity for a brand that is so synonymous with the animal… An opportunity that the Studio 88 group has grabbed with both hands!

in addition to the variety of styles already available under the brand in SA, an exclusive Year of the Rabbit range has been introduced and will be available exclusively in Side Step stores and on the Side Step website. Side Step, which in part of the Studio 88 group has over 130 stores around SA and is well known for being the trend setter’s store of choice.

About the Year of the Rabbit Range:

The Year of the Rabbit range is comprised of premium quality pieces that are made with attention to detail and comfort in mind. From bold and stylish graphic tees to comfortable and cozy hoodies, there is something for everyone in this collection. The pieces are versatile and can be dressed up or down, making them perfect for any occasion.

One of the standout pieces in the Year of the Rabbit range is the iconic tracksuit, highlighted with red and gold detailing. This piece features a stylish bunny emblem on the back and is made from a soft and comfortable blend of cotton and polyester. Whether you’re lounging at home or running errands, this tracksuit will keep you feeling and looking like a true super star.

Another must-have piece in the Year of the Rabbit range is the bunny graphic tee. This shirt is the perfect choice for those who want to make a bold fashion statement. The vibrant and eye-catching graphic is sure to turn heads, and the comfortable and lightweight material makes it perfect for South African Summer events.

If you are looking to make a fashion statement this year, look no further than Playboy. Visit Studio-88.co.za or Side-Step.co.za today for more information.

Fast Fashion Facts You Might Not Know

We Discard 92 Million Tonnes of Textile Waste That the Industry Generates Annually

From clothes that do not fit anymore, items that have gone out of fashion, or even clothes that have never been worn, consumers discard enormous quantities of fashion items each year. In America alone, the average person throws away around 81 pounds (37kg) of clothing yearly. This leads to a staggering 85% of textile produced in the country ending up in landfills or being burned.


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