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Newsletter No.46     15 December  2016

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Disney launches first online fashion store on YOOX

Courtesy: YOOX

Disney, in association with YOOX, world’s leading online luxury fashion retailer, has launched its first online fashion and lifestyle store. Disney’s digital window will host latest designer collaborations inspired by Disney, Disney.Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel across apparel, accessories, footwear and interiors, which will be accessible on YOOX’s homepage.

Products inspired by the popular characters of Disney like Olympia Le Tan’s unique clutches inspired from Alice in Wonderland, Kenzo’s sweaters portraying the protagonists of Disney’s The Jungle Book and others will be available on YOOX. Very soon, it will also be adding new Disney collections, including those connected to upcoming movie launches, stated a press release.

Apart from the products, Disney’s digital window on YOOX will also feature exclusive content celebrating the magical world of Disney such as Star Wars and Marvel stories. For over 70 years, the iconic characters of Disney, Star War and Marvel have been a source of inspiration for many adult fashion and lifestyle brands.

“Disney’s playful imagination was a great inspiration when I invented YOOX in 1999, so it is an enormous pleasure to combine Disney’s timeless brand with YOOX’s innovative spirit, further delighting our customers with creative content and hard to find products,” said Federico Marchetti, founder of YOOX.

“At The Walt Disney we like to push the boundaries by creating ground breaking designs which blur the line between conventional products and art, taking creativity to a whole new level,” said Francesca Gianesin, vice president of Fashion & Lifestyle, The Walt Disney Company EMEA. “Our collaboration with YOOX is grounded in Disney’s ‘consumer first’ strategy and our insights and knowledge of the adult consumer. We know what this demographic wants and through YOOX we are now delivering it, ensuring they have access to the product they want, when they want it. We are confident that our collections will surprise and delight YOOX’s customer base and we look forward to bringing a bit of Disney magic to their lives.”

YOOX is the world’s leading online lifestyle store for fashion, design and art. It has always catalysed unexpected, unconventional and creative synergies, entertaining and surprising customers, playing a key role in the current generation’s relation with e-commerce.


Ghana government backs new textile factory in SADA

Ghana government has extended support for the establishment of a textile factory in the North Savanna Ecological Zone (NSEZ) of the country. Appreciating the initiative of Savanna Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) to set up the textile factory, Ghana president John Mahama said that the country has potential to further develop its textile business.

The new textiles factory will be built by SADA, in collaboration with China National Textiles and Apparel Council (CNTAC), in Kumasi city, one of the largest metropolitan areas in Ghana.

Mahama extended his support for the Kumasi based project when a 10-member delegation from CNTAC visited him in Accra after signing two Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) between SADA and CNTAC. One of the MoUs included development of a framework for the establishment of cotton and textiles project in NSEZ, Ghana news media reported.

Ghana government had established SADA to develop Savannah Ecological Zone and SADA is authorised to lead the comprehensive development of Ghana’s savannah zone and represent government in joint ventures, said Mahama. Identifying the potential of the country in cotton production, Mahama said that CNTAC cotton and textiles project is just the start for big things to happen in the industry.

This project can become a gateway to Economic Community of West African States, said vice president of CNTAC, Xu Yingxin during the delegation’s meeting with Mahama.


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Did you know….

The world’s largest Christmas stocking measured 106 feet and 9 inches (32.56 m) long and 49 feet and 1 inch (14.97 m) wide. It weighed as much as five reindeer and held almost 1,000 presents. It was made by the Children’s Society in London on December 14, 2007.

The British wear paper crowns while they eat Christmas dinner. The crowns are stored in a tube called a “Christmas cracker.”

Why does Santa wear red?

OK, this isn’t the most important thing to know about a Christian holiday. But it’s the title of a book, and it’s intriguing.

Think St. Nicholas – jolly old St. Nick – instead of Santa. He was the bishop of Smyrna. Then think of the color of a bishop’s cape.

Anyway, red is the way Norman Rockwell saw it, and red is the color Coca-Cola wanted when it pretty much created the modern image of Santa in 1931.

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