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Newsletter No. 23                                                                22 June  2018

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Graduating is only the beginning

On 11 June 2018, the Premier of the Western Cape, Honourable Ms Helen Zille, attended the second Thandeka Vocational Education Trust (Pty) Ltd Learner Graduation Ceremony at the River Club in Cape Town. The Premier was joined by the CEO of the FP&M SETA, Ms Felleng Yende, officials from industry employer and labour organisations, senior managers and representatives from our client sites and 300 proud learners.

The learners, representing clothing and textile manufacturing firms, came from near and far to receive their certificates for successfully completing national qualifications (learnerships), part qualifications (skills programmes) and industry aligned short courses. And despite a slight chill in the air outside, there was a heatwave of excitement inside the River Club in Cape Town as they donned their graduation gowns in preparation of the Graduation Ceremony.

Thandeka Vocational Education Trust (Pty) Ltd was honoured that the Premier of the Western Cape, Honourable Ms Helen Zille agreed to officiate at the ceremony. Joining our formidable premier, was Ms Felleng Yende, Chief Executive Officer of the FP&M SETA,  Mr Sicelo Nduna, General Secretary: National Bargaining Council for the Clothing Manufacturing Industry, Ms Freda Oosthuizen, Treasurer: SACTWU and COSATU, Mr Johann Baard, Executive Director: SAAA, Mr Ralph Roytowski, President: AMSA, Mr Steady Mukondiwa, Director: Productivity & Training Institute, and Ms Jacqui Cameron, Head of HR: TFG Design Centre, TFG Manufacturing, Prestige and TFG Merchandise Procurement.

The Premier of the Western Cape,
Ms Helen Zille

The Premier addressed the learners and attendees on the demands of the world of work and the importance of skills development in meeting the requirements for sustainable employment. The Premier commended Thandeka Vocational Education Trust (Pty) Ltd for successfully implementing a very effective training model that starts with classroom learning, followed by training on the factory floor, and culminating in the placement of learners in workplaces. Ms Zille reminded the graduates that they were privileged that have been given the opportunity to enter learning programmes and that this opportunity was “really only the beginning”. The Premier encouraged the graduates to “be prepared to do what others don’t want to do” and to “make the choice to do their very best wherever they are” in order for the next door to open for them.

The CEO of the FP&M SETA spoke about the role of the FP&M SETA as primary funder of skills development in the clothing & textile sectors and the relationship between FP&M SETA and Thandeka Vocational Education Trust. Ms Yende congratulated the graduates with successfully completing their programmes and for making the most of the opportunities that were given to them. Ms Yende spoke about the long-standing partnership between the FP&M SETA and Thandeka Vocational Education Trust (Pty) Ltd and thanked the college for continuously delivering quality skills development interventions that are aligned with the SETA’s strategic priorities and with the needs of the clothing and textile sector.

Other speakers included Mr Johann Baard from the South African Apparel Association who elaborated on the successful skills development partnership between SAAA and the college, and Ms Jacqui Cameron from TFG and Prestige Clothing who highlighted the importance of skills development and capacity building in a manufacturing context and she encouraged the learners to continue on their path of life-long learning.

Snethemba Harmans from TFG Design Centre receives his Learnership Certificate from Ms Jennifer Choice, Managing Director of Thandeka Vocational Education Trust and the Premier of the Western Cape, Ms Helen Zille

Mr Snethemba Harmans, a Sewing Learnership graduate who is now working at TFG Design Centre, shared his success story with the audience. His story was a testimony to the fact that through sheer determination and hard work, one could overcome many obstacles and find your true destiny. Snethemba has a natural flair for design and this talent, combined with the technical knowledge and skills that he has gained through his learnership training, has enabled him to find employment in an industry that he truly loves.

The highlight of the event was the graduation ceremony itself. The learners, looking smart and proud in their black graduation gowns, were very excited to receive their certificates as confirmation of their persistence, determination and success. The certificates were handed out by the Directors of Thandeka Vocational Education Trust (Pty) Ltd, Ms Jennifer Choice and Ms Theresa Otto, assisted by the dignitaries. The learners appreciated the opportunity of being photographed with the Premier and other dignitaries.

Mr Bobby Fairlamb, General Manager of K-Way Manufacturers receives the recognition award from Ms Jennifer Choice, Managing Director Thandeka Vocational Education Trust.

During the function, the Directors of Thandeka Vocational Education Trust (Pty) Ltd, recognised some of our client sites for their contribution to the successful implementation of training interventions, namely: Beaches Clothing (Significant Contribution: Practical Skills Training), Levi Strauss (Best Learner Mentoring and Support), K-Way Manufacturers (Long Standing Partnership), PresLes (New Established Partnership) and Prestige Clothing (Best Learner Placement).

An individual recognition award was made to Mr Clinton Clark from Prestige Clothing for his positive and continuous support of skills development and for regular and meaningful interaction with the college on new developments.

Ms Felleng Yende, CEO of the FP&M SETA, receives her recognition award from Ms Jennifer Choice, Managing Director of Thandeka Vocational Education Trust.

A special recognition award was also made to Ms Felleng Yende for her visionary leadership in the FP&M sector.

Ms Jennifer Choice, Managing Director of Thandeka Vocational Education Trust (Pty) Ltd thanked Ms Yende for placing her trust in the college and for her continued support of skills development in the clothing and textile manufacturing sectors.

Rwanda to pay tax of exporters affected by AGOA suspension

Rwanda will take over the tax obligations of its apparel exporters to ensure they are not adversely affected by the anticipated suspension of duty-free access to the US market under the African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA). The US Government had announced in March its intention to suspend duty-free treatment to all AGOA-eligible apparel items for Rwanda.

The Rwandan Government is putting up an adjustment facility to pay taxes imposed on the exporters for the next one year. This would allow firms work on accessing new markets as well as meet existing contractual obligations to the US market, Rwanda Development Board CEO Clare Akamanzi told in an exclusive interview to a leading Rwandan daily.

The suspension is a result of implementation by Rwanda of an East African Community decision to phase out second-hand clothes imports to help boost the region’s textile industry.

The aim is to identify alternative markets in Europe, Asia and the African continent that can allow duty free access, Akamanzi said. F2F

Fashion incubator for fashionable entrepreneurs

By Dhivana Rajgopaul

Truworths and Startup Hatchery have collaborated on a fashion incubator called the Truworths Fashion Incubator and it will benefit aspiring and existing fashion entrepreneurs.

The Fashion Incubator will mainly focus on the developing the business skills of fashion entrepreneurs. The incubator was developed by Startup Hatchery to immerse designers and entrepreneurs in a community designed to equip and propel upcoming fashion businesses.

Startup Hatchery is a virtual business incubator for entrepreneurs and they provide a hands-on learning experience through online entrepreneurship, training, mentorship and business support that can be accessed anywhere and at any time.

The entrepreneurs that will be a part of the incubator will go through a 12-week structured online entrepreneurship training programme. After 12 weeks the entrepreneurs will then have the opportunity to pitch their businesses.

If they complete the pitching process they will move on to the second phase of the programme where they will be mentored by industry experts.

In terms of funding, he/she will receive R20 000 worth of Business Development Support if they complete a one-year programme. The entrepreneurs will also have the chance to pitch to investors for funding.

For membership into this exclusive programme individuals must meet the following criteria:

1. Applicants must have fashion business idea or an existing fashion that has not been in operation for more than 12 months.

2. Applicants must be in their final year of studies or completed their studies.

3. Applicants must submit the online form which will then be reviewed.

Applicants who have made it through will be notified in writing and will be invited to a pitching event at the end if the month. IOL Business Report

Afreximbank to aid Nigerias Kaduna in textile goods export

African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) president Benedict Oramah recently met Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai, governor of Nigeria’s Kaduna state, in Abuja to discuss how the bank can support the state’s economic development, including revival of cotton exports in value added form. The bank agreed to send a team to comprehensively study the cotton value chain there.

The study is expected to allow the development of a robust private sector-driven solution for value addition and to facilitate export of textile products from Kaduna State, a press release from the bank quoted Oramah as saying.

Afreximbank would support the initiative under its industrialisation and export development strategy.

El-Rufai also accepted Oramah’s invitation to Kaduna state to participate in the Intra-African Trade Fair being organised by the bank in Cairo from December 11 to 17 to promote trade among African nations.

Congratulations Prashini and Rajesh Raghunandan (Sew Solutions) on the arrival of your new baby girl!

Did you know……..

Hitler Chic – Thailand

The city of Bangkok has been invaded by Hitler. If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard anything about that, it’s because this invasion has been into the world of fashion. Nowadays, Bangkok is said to be experiencing a veritable Hitler-mania, with the image of the infamous German leader appearing in cartoon form, on T-shirts, sweatshirts, posters, you name it. Ronald McDonald? Yes, Bangkok has a Hitler version of him in as well, together with Hitlerized pandas and even the Teletubbies. Foreign correspondents explain that this modern trend can mostly be chalked up to ignorance rather than underlying fascist tendencies of the young people of Thailand, no different than the treasure trove of ethnic and homophobic slurs that is a typical internet message board here in the West. It appears that no matter where you go, kids are just always going to be stupid, and while we’re on the topic…..

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