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Newsletter No. 19   10 June 2016

Source Africa… A big success.


June 7,8 & 9th was the 4th Source Africa exhibition, held at CTICC. The exhibition saw stakeholders from all over Africa

as well as USA, and the UK.  The vibe was busy and the exhibitors feedback was indeed very positive.  If you missed Source

Africa this year……put it in your diary now for next year. Thank you to the organisers for a job well done.

Sew Solutions

Rajesh Raghunandan…. “We want to thank our clients for supporting the show”

ACA Threads  

Werner Strydom said “Wonderful show, bringing Africa together”

Prime Fastener

Glen Isserow…..”The Expo was a great success with interest from both local and international buyers.

The industry is very exciting with a resurgence now days”

Lectra South Africa – Michael Stoter

SACTWU declares dispute in manmade fibres sector

The COSATU-affiliated Southern African Clothing and Textile Workers’ Union (SACTWU) has declared a dispute with the Manufactured Fibres Subsector Textile Manufacturers Association.  SACTWU has declared a dispute because no settlement has been reached after three rounds of negotiations and after the employers have failed/refused to grant us our demands which are set out in the already submitted 2016/2017 substantive proposals.

The Union has written to the National Textile Bargaining Council informing them of the dispute indicating that in terms of the National Textile Bargaining Council’s Constitution, parties are required to settle wage negotiations within 45 days from the date of submission of the substantive proposals.  The 45 days has now expired and the Union has declared a dispute.

Issued By
Andre Kriel
General Secretary

If further comment is required kindly contact SACTWU’s National Manufacturing Fibres Co-ordinator Jane Kastoor on 0713352153

SACTWU declares wage dispute in general goods and handbags sub-sector

The COSATU-affiliated Southern African Clothing and Textile Workers’ Union (SACTWU) has declared a wage dispute in the General Goods and Handbags sector. General Goods and Handbags is a sub-sector of the Footwear sector.


The union has declared a dispute as no settlement has been reached after two rounds and on the grounds that the employers’ have failed or refused to grant us the demands, amendments and improvements to the terms and conditions of employment as set out in its already submitted 2016/2017 substantive proposals.

SACTWU has informed the National Bargaining Council of the Leather Industry of South Africa about the dispute and requested that a Conciliation date is set and that steps are taken to reach a wage settlement.

Issued By
Andre Kriel
General Secretary

If further comment is required kindly contact SACTWU’s National  GGH Sub-sector Co-ordinator Jane Kastoor on 0713352153.

From Russell O’Neill

Every now and then a ‘Eureka’ moment strikes us and we ponder, now why did we not think of that? Richpeace have introduced wifi to their embroidery machines for uploading design files. Wifi is developing at an alarming rate and the new industrie 4.0, as it is known in Germany or also known as the 4th industrial revolution, is what is driving this technology. Richpeace pioneered various innovations to their embroidery machines such as the touch screen operator console and the usb simulator to replace obsolete 3.5 inch stiffy drives with a usb port. The problem with older machines is that the motherboard or control system can’t connect to a usb memory stick via it’s software. Richpeace developed a device to accept a usb memory stick input with a stiffy drive software output to allow design files to be loaded via usb on older equipment. The old stiffy drive is replaced with this simulator and those pesky plastic problem disks are a thing of the past. Now with them adding wifi to their machines the machine has an IP address and becomes part of the network thus loading design files is wireless and device less.   O’Neill Electro CC are the agents for Richpeace in South Africa if anyone requires further information on these developments

Obituary Joop de Voest

It was with great sadness that we learnt of the passing of Joop de Voest on Friday 03 June 2016. Joop had an extensive career in the clothing and textile industry from running a packaging company in Ezakheni, Ladysmith in the early 1980’s to branching out into starting his own consultancy business, specialising in the textile and clothing sector, amongst others.

Joop was well known for the incredibly detailed pipeline production data in these reports from fibre to retail. He subsequently broadened his expertise to cover other regions in Africa from the East Coast to the West Coast and advised Governments and bodies such as US AID on developing their cotton based capabilities.

On behalf of the President, Office Bearers and Councillors of AMSA, our deepest sympathies and condolences are extended to his wife Catriona and sons Rik and Mark. May you rest in peace.

Paul Theron

Act. Executive Director



Did you Know…….

Tricoteuse is French for “knitting woman.” During the French Revolution, a group of knitting women would sit beside the guillotine and knit through the executions. The Commune of Paris organized and paid these women to attend beheadings and tribunals “to greet death, to insult the victims, and to glut their eyes with blood.” They would jeer and shriek and knit as the upper class were led to the guillotine

The first knitting pattern book of any kind at all was the 16th-century Modelbuch,which was a printed pattern collection specifically for embroidery and lace. By the mid-17th century, patterns specifically for knitting were emerging within some pages of pattern books. In 1761, Susanna Dorothea Kriegl published an early pattern book devoted exclusively to knitting, the Strikkemøstre (Knitting Patterns)


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